Tag questions: 죠?

죠 is a contraction of 지요 which creates a tag question: V/adj (stem) + 죠?

시간이 참 빠르죠?
Time goes quickly, doesn’t it?

날씨가 좋아죠?
The weather’s great, isn’t it?

나한테 화나죠?
You’re angry with me, aren’t you?


밥을 먹었어요?
Have you eaten? (I have no idea if you’ve eaten or not)

밥을 먹었죠?
You already ate, right? (It’s just after lunch, or you’re walking out of a restaurant)


그녀는 예쁜죠?
She’s pretty, isn’t she?

날씨가 춥죠?
The weather’s cold isn’t it?