While V-ing: (으)면서

V + (으)면서 is used when performing events simultaneously. It translates as ‘while doing V’ or ‘at the same time as V’:

그녀는 커피를 마시면서 기다렸어요.
She drank coffee while she waited.

운전하면서 휴대폰 이용은 위험해요.
Using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous.



듣다 – to listen
받다 – to recieve
설명하다 – to explain

한테서 – from (someone)

록 음악 – rock music


록 음악을 들으면서 공부를 해요.
I listen to rock music while studying.

인터넷 하면서 친구한테서 메시지를 받았어요.
Whilst on the internet I received an message from my friend.

저는 수섭 안에 써면서 선생님이 설명했어요.
I wrote in my notebook while the teacher explained.

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