As much as: 만큼

N + 만큼 expresses the degree to which N is comparable to something else. It can be understood as ‘equal to’ or ‘as much as’:

그녀는 IU만큼 귀여워요.
She is as cute as IU.

학생들은 저만큼 똑똑해요.
My students are as smart as me.


나는 너만큼 거의 키가 커요.
I am almost as tall as you.

오해는 작년만큼 더운 것 같아요.
This year seems to be as hot as last year.

겨울 동안에 부산은 서울만큼 춥지 않아요.
During the winter, Busan is not as cold as Seoul.

저는 그녀 사람만큼 야구를 잘 하지않아요.
I am not as good at baseball as she is.