Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place [A Translation]


Everything, everything, everything
모든, 모든, 모든
Everything in its right place
모든 것을 그것의 올바른 장소에 있는
In its right place [x3]
그것의 올바른 장소에 있는
Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon [x4]
어제 나는 일어났었고 레몬을 빨았어
There are two colours in my head [x2]
내 머리에 두 색깔이 있어What is that you tried to say?
무엇을 너는 말하려고 했어?
What was that you tried to say?
무엇을 너는 말하려고 했어?
Tried to say? [x4]


I’ve always wanted to try translation and this is my first attempt. I have to say, even with such a short lyric it’s not easy, mainly because there are such subtle nuances to consider:

  • everything: 모두 or 모든? (I’m still not 100% sure about the difference)
  • right place: correct, appropriate, or suitable place? (I chose correct)
  • two colours: colours, hues or shades? (I chose colours)
  • in my head: literally in your head, or in your mind? Or are they the same in Korean? (Still not sure, I chose head)
  • tried to say: can I shorten 려고 노력하다 to 려고 하다? (Yes)

The video above, recorded live in Praha, is my favourite version of this song. I just love the way it mutates and spins out endlessly…