[Book Review]: Korean Listening Skills

I have finished my first Korean listening book!

This isn’t a detailed review but I’d happily recommend Korean Listening Skills: Practical Tasks For Beginners, mainly because it uses dialogues that are useful in the real world.

To my ear, this book strikes a good balance between words and phrases you know and ones you don’t know yet, but are likely to encounter.

Having worked through a unit every few days, I do feel like I’m better at picking things out in conversation now. I also compiled Quizlet flash cards for the vocabulary lists.

And since completing the last few chapters on ordering, requests and making reservations, I have been able to fumble my way through fast food home deliveries, store refunds and booking concert tickets (more on that later).

In each case, there was always something I could draw from this book to help the conversation run more smoothly.


Are there any other listening books you’d recommend?