Bjork: The Anchor Song [A Translation]

난 대양로 살아
I live by the ocean
밤 동안
And during the night
내가 그것으로 뛰어들어
I dive into it
아래로 아래
Down to the bottom
모든 해류 아래에
Underneath all currents
내 닻을 내려야
I drop my anchor
내가 머물고있는 곳 이다
This is where I’m staying
내 집 이야
This is my home


A personal favourite of mine, this song wasn’t too difficult to translate. Problems this time were:

  • the verb to dive into: 으로 뛰어들다 or 참수하다?
  • the many uses of 내리다 – lower, alight, descend, go down (from)…