From, since: 부터

부터 can be attached to a noun to say ‘from N’ or ‘since N’:

3월중순부터 4월초까지 일본에 있을 거에요.
I will be in Japan from mid-March to the start of April.

6 살 때부터 피아노를 쳤어요.
I have been playing the piano since I was six.

지금부터 규칙적으로 운동할 거에요.
From now on, I will exercise regularly.

언제부터 발목이 아팠어요?
Since when has your ankle been hurting?

아침부터 열심히 일했어요.
I’ve been working hard since morning.

시작부터 이 여행을 지루했어요.
From the outset (beginning), the trip was boring.