Diary 11: I Went Paragliding! – 패러글리딩을 했어요!

토요일 아침에 친구랑 전라남도 낙안면에 갔어서 한국 친구 James를 만났어요. 그가 3년 동안 패러글리딩 교사 이였어요. 우리가 호프에서 처음 만나서 저를 낙안에 초대했어요.

집에서 순천까지 버스 3번 갈아타고 거의 5시간 걸렸어요. 도착했을 때 우리가 피곤했는데 정말 흥분했어요 ^^

산은 500미터 정도 높았어요. 우리가 굽고 좁은 길을 가서 조심 안 하면 트럭 뒷면에서 넘어졌을 거에요 :O

15분 전에 산봉우리에 도착했어요. 거기에는 진짜 습하고 조금 흐린데 그래도 경치가 아름다웠어요.

산봉우리에 뛰어나오는 것은 가장 무서운 부분 이였어요. 왜냐하면 저는 씩씩하지 않은 것 같아요. 올해까지 비행기도 타는 것 싫어서 번지점핑 해본 적이 없었어요. 그래서 달렸을 때 미칠 것 같았고 하고 싶지 않았어요!

저는 바람이 불었을 때, 소리를 시끄러울 것이라고 생각했는데 사실 하늘은 아주 고요했어요. 아주 멀리 볼 수 있었어요: 작은 마을, 맑은 호수, 굽은 강, 유명한 낙안읍성, 어린 이들이 노는 것… 아슬아슬한 풍경 있었어요!

진짜 좋아했어요 – 다시 한번 했으면 좋겠어요!

James 하고 Jeonnam Paragliding – 고맙습니다!

Last weekend was the best experience I’ve had in a long time… I went paragliding!

On Saturday morning my friends and I went to Nagan and met my Korean friend James. He has been a paragliding instructor for three years. We first met last month and he invited us to Nagan.

To get from my house to Nagan we had to transfer buses three times and it took about five hours. When we arrived we were already tired but really excited.

The mountain was about 500 metres high. We went up a narrow, winding road and if you weren’t careful you would fall from the back of the truck.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the mountain peak. It was really humid and a little cloudy there but the scenery was beautiful.

The scariest part was running off the top of the mountain, because I’m not a brave person. Until this year I hated travelling by airplane and I had never been bungee jumping. So when I ran, it seemed crazy and I didn’t want to do it!

I thought that when the wind blew it would be very loud but actually the sky was very peaceful. I could see a long way into the distance: tiny villages, clear lakes, winding rivers, the famous Nagan folk village, children playing… the view was breathtaking.

I really loved it – I hope I will do it again soon!



흥분하다 – to be excited
높다 – to be high
굽다 – to wind, meander
좁다 – to be narrow
넘어지다 – to fall from

뛰어나오다 – to jump from
씩씩하다 – to be brave
가야하다 – to (have to) go to
고요하다 – to be peaceful
아슬아슬한 – breathtaking

뒷면 – the back side, rear of
산봉우리 – mountain peak

경치 – scenery
풍경 – view, landscape