Just: 을 뿐이다

A/V + 을 뿐이다 has the nuanced meaning of ‘just’:

저는 궁금했을 뿐이에요.
I was just wondering.

저는 당신에 대해 생각할 뿐이에요.
I was just thinking about you.

저는 충분히 쉬는 것이 필요할 뿐이고 괜찮아질 거에요.
I just need to get enough rest and I’ll be fine.

저는 너에게 짧게 말하고 싶었을 뿐이에요.
I just wanted to talk to you briefly.

왜 당신은 화가 났어요? 저는 농담했을 뿐이에요!
Why are you getting angry? I was just joking!