Yet, in spite of: (으)면서도

A/V + (으)면서도 can be used to describe a situtation where two apparently contrasting events occur together. It works in a similar way to ‘yet (still)’ or ‘in spite of’:

건강에 나쁜 줄 알면서도 보통 과식을 해요.
I know it’s bad for my health but I regularly overeat.

비가 올 줄 알면서도 우산 없이 집을 나갔어요.
I knew it was raining yet I went out without an umbrella.

어머니께서 오시는 줄 알면서도 집에 청소하지 않았어요.
I knew my mother was coming yet I didn’t clean the house.

어젯밤에 부징님을 봤으면서도 인사를 하지 않았어요.
I saw my supervisor yesterday night but I didn’t greet him.

그가 술을 마시는 것이 싫다고 말하면서도 회식에서 취했어요.
He said he dislikes drinking alcohol yet he was drunk at the staff dinner.