Now I realise that…: 다가 보니

V + 다가 보니 is used to show that you’ve learned or realised something new after repeating an action for a long time in the past:

매일 운동을 하다가 보니 지금은 근육이 생겼어요.
I exercised every day and now [I realised that] I have muscles.

주말마다 친구들과 과식을 하다가 보니 몸무게가 늘었어요.
Every weekend I overate with my friends and now [I realise that] I’ve put on weight.

매일 한국말 연습을 하다가 보니 지금은 한국말을 잘 해요.
I practised speaking Korean every day and now [I’ve found that] I can speak it well.

매일 쉬지도 못하고 일만 하다가 보니 피곤해 보여요.
Everyday I just worked and didn’t rest and now [I realise that] I look tired.

매일 같은 신발을 신다가 보니 신발을 망했어요.
I wore the same shoes everyday and now [I’ve found that] they’re ruined.

지난 밤에 친구들이랑 술을 마시다가 보니 귀가 시간이 늦어 졌어요.
I was having a drink with my friends last night and then [the next thing I knew] it was way past the time to go home.

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