As soon as: V + 자마자

V + 자마자 is used to say ‘as soon as you V’ or ‘immediately after V-ing’:

공항에서 도착하자마자 어머니께 전화를 하세요.
As soon as you arrive at the airport, please call your mother.

그를 보자마자 저는 떠나고 싶었어요.
As soon as I saw him, I wanted to leave.

집에 오자마자 샤워를 할게요.
As soon as I come home I’ll take a shower.

학교를 끝내자마자 집에 가서 낮잠을 자요.
As soon as I finish school I go home and take a nap.

당신의 메시지를 보자마자 대답을 썼어요.
I replied as soon as I saw your message.

대학교를 졸업하자마자 영국에서 이주할 거에요.
As soon as I graduate from university I will emigrate to the UK.

매일 아침에 일어나자마자 30분 동안 운동하고 나서 식사를 먹어요.
Every morning as soon as I wake up, I exercise for 30 minutes and then eat breakfast.



이주하다 – to emigrate (to…)
끝내다 – to finish doing sth (vtr)
낮잠을 자다 – to take a nap
조용하다 – to be quiet