Yes, but… (downplaying): 긴 한데, 긴 하는데

These structures are used to confirm a state or action, and then immediately downplay it. It is similar in function to ‘Yes, buuuut…‘:

A + 긴 한데:

좀 힘들긴 한데
It’s a bit difficult but (maybe I can do it)…

친구가 부지런하긴 한데 가끔 건강을 챙기지 않고 일해요.
My friend is hardworking but sometimes he works and doesn’t look after his health.

아이디어가 있긴 한데
I have an idea, but (maybe it’s not a very good one)…

저의 학생들이 아주 똑똑하긴 한데 자신감 많이 없어요.
My students are very smart but they don’t have much confidence.

신선한 생선은 맛있긴 한데 요리할 때 나쁜 냄새가 나요.
Fresh fish is delicious but while it’s cooking it smells bad.

V + 긴 하는데:

어렸을 때 프랑스어를 배우긴 했는데 학교를 다닌 후에 대부분을 잊어 버렸어요.
When I was young I learned French but since I left school I have forgotten most of it.

폴란드 음식을 먹긴 하는데 잘 못 먹어요.
I eat Polish food but I don’t eat it well.

아침마다 아직 달리기를 하긴 하는데 나이를 더 먹으니까 요즘은 더 힘들어요.
I still run every morning but because I’m getting older it’s more difficult these days.

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