HanjaWatch: 動 (action, movement)


動 pronounced

운동화 – trainers, tennis shoes
활동 – activity
동물 – animal
폭동 – riot, uprising

이동하다 – to move (around)
운동하다 – to do exercise
행동하다 – to behave, act
수동적인 – to be passive


2011년 폭동 동안에 런던에 사는 것은 너무 무서운 경험이었어요.
Living in London during the 2011 riots was a very frightening experience.

예전에는 남자들이 여자들은 항상 수동적으로 행동해야 된다고 생각했어요.
In the past, men thought that women should always be passive.

마라톤을 완주한 후에 새로운 운동화가 망가젔어요.
After completing the marathon my new trainers were ruined.

얼마나 자주 운동해요?
How often do you exercise?

영국 시골을 지날 때마다 농장 동물들이 돌아다니는 것을 자주 봐요.
Whenever you go through the British countryside you often see farm animals wandering around.

요즘 왜 지현씨는 이상하게 행동해요?
Why is Ji Hyeon acting so strangely these days?

대학교를 다녔을 때 수요일 오후마다 신체활동들을 하곤 했어요.
When I was in university, I used to do physical activities every Wednesday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “HanjaWatch: 動 (action, movement)

  1. I have a question!
    In below sentence, the main verb is “ruin” which you translated into “망가다”. But I counldn’t find this word in Naver Dic, and “망가뜨리다” is the only one I can find it that have the same meaning. I don’t understand why you had to curtail “뜨리다” part. Thanks!
    마라톤을 완주한 후에 새로운 운동화를 망갔어요.
    After completing the marathon my new trainers were ruined.

    • Hello Audrey!

      Thanks for your question. I have an answer from my Korean teacher:

      It is sometimes used as a shorthand (which is how I learned it) but yes, the dictionary form is 망가뜨리다.

      You’ve helped me discover the difference between 망가뜨리다 (to ruin/break), 망하다 to be ruined, to fail (e.g. financially) and 망가지다 (to be broken).

      So I should have written:
      마라톤을 완주한 후에 새로운 운동화가 망가젔어요.

      Hope I haven’t confused you too much!

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