The Language Toolbox for Korean Learners

Following on from an excellent post that I found on, here is the Korean version of the Language Toolbox – a list of essential questions for clarifying, confirming and understanding information.

I find myself wanting to use some of these in pretty much every Korean conversation and every Korean class. So I’m putting them all here so I can finally learn and deploy them in Korean!

좀 천천히 말해 주세요.
Can you please speak a little slower?

다시 한번 말해 주세요.
Please repeat what you just said.

[언덕] 은 무슨 뜻이에요?
What does [언덕] mean?

[차이] 는 문장에서 사용해 주세요.
Please use [차이] in a sentence.

[당신 이름] 을 어떻게 쓰나요?
How do you spell/write [your name]?

그 단어를 써주세요.
Please write that word for me.

이 단어는 어떻게 발음하나요?
How do you say/pronounce this word?

A와 B는 무슨 차이가 있나요?
What’s the difference between A and B?

이 단어를 문장에서 어떻게 사용하나요?
How do you use this word in a sentence?

존댓말이나 반말이에요?
Is this word formal or informal?

[(이)랑] 은 말하기 나 쓰기에 사용해야 돼요?
Should I use [(이)랑] in speech or writing?

수정 해 주세요.
Please correct my mistakes.

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