Onomatopoeia: 의태어 (의성어)

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제가 여자친구에게 데이트를 신청했던 밤에는 저의 가슴이 두근두근 뛰고 있었어요.
My heart was beating so fast on the night I asked my girlfriend out.

시험을 보기 전에 학생들이 바짝바짝 애가 탔어요.
The students were very anxious before the test.

왜 유명한 래퍼들은 너무 헐렁헐렁한 옷을 입어요?
Why do famous rappers wear such baggy clothes?

사무실에서 모든 것들에 대해 동료들이 투덜투덜 해요.
In the office my colleagues grumble about everything.

한국의 ‘빨리 빨리’ 문화 때문에 사람들이 항상 허둥지둥 일을 한 것 같아요.
Because of Korea’s ‘Hurry Hurry’ culture, people always seem to work hurriedly.

한국에서는 수업 동안에 학생들이 꾸벅꾸벅하는 것이 평범한 것이에요.
In Korea, students dozing off during class is common.

그 여자가 힐끗힐끗 당신을 보는 것을 봤어요?
Did you see that girl sneaking a glance at you?

한국에서는 배구 경기 동안에 치어리더들이 춤을 추고 깡충깡충 뛰어요.
In Korea, during volleyball matches cheerleaders dance and jump around.

저가 건물 안에 그 남자를 살금살금 딸렸어요.
I stealthily followed the man into the building.

아이들의 눈빛이 반짝반짝한 모습을 좋아해요.
I love the look of children’s twinkling eyes.

왜 동료들이 항상 뒤죽박죽이에요?
Why are my colleagues so disorderly?

고등학교를 단녔을 때 우리반 주에 그 남자는 제일 화끈화끈한 학생이였어요.
When we were in high school, he was the hottest student in our class.

여자친구와 약혼한 후에 한 달 동안에 싱글벙글 했어요.
After I got engaged I was beaming for a month.

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      WOW… That is a wonderful compliment, arlawrence1545. Thank you so much! This began as a personal scrapbook for things I’ve picked up along the way while learning Korea, and I doubted anyone would notice. So it’s a real pleasure to know that that you have found it so useful too. I’m very grateful for your support!

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