The more… the more…: (을)수록

V + (을)수록 is used to say ‘the more you V… the more…’:

운동할수록 건강에 좋아요.
The more you exercise the more healthy you are.

책을 읽을수록 좋아요.
The more books you read the better.

돈을 벌수록 돈을 써요.
The more money you earn the more you spend.

빨리 일할수록 자유 시간이 많이 있어요.
The faster you work the more free time you have.

이 영화는 볼수록 재미없어요.
The more I watch this movie the more boring it gets.

공부할수록 잘 잊어요.
The more I study the more I forget.

생각할수록 당황스러워요.
The more I think about it the more embarrassed I am.

This structure can be added to with different emphases:

술을 많이 마시면 마실수록 행동이 이상해져요.
The more alcohol I drink, the stranger my behaviour becomes.

한국어를 자주 쓰면 쓸수록 자신감이 많아요.
The more often I use Korean, the more confident I am.
(Note the repetition of the verb stem 쓰)

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