Diary 18: 음악 리뷰 – ‘Vulnicura’ by Bjork

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  • 제가 이 앨범 산 이후 듣기를 멈출 수가 없었어요….

    오랫동안 들은 앨범 중에서 Vulnicura는 가장 감동적인 앨범 중 하나예요.

    15년 동안 이상 제가 비요크 팬이고 제 생각에는 그녀는 정말 독특한 목소리를 가져요.

    올해 1월에 발매된 최신 앨범은 비요크와 남자친구의 결별을 묘사해요. 곡들을 연대순으로 만들었어요. 예를 들면, 9달헤어지기 전에 Stonemilker를 만들었고, 11달 헤어진 후에 Notget를 만들었어요.

    제가 제일 좋아하는 비요크의 앨범 Homogenic처럼 Vulnicura에 독특한 전자 리듬들과 현악기가 주로 사용되었어요. 음악이 아주 감동적인 가사를 잘 강조해요.

    Lionsong에서 현악기과 보컬 하모니가 불안한 분위기를 만들고 Black Lake는 슬프고 우울하지만 동시에 아주 아름답게 들려요. 비요크의 결별 후에 만들은 음악은 점점 더 낙관적이어져요. 또 앨범의 후반의 몇몇 노래에 춤을 출 수 있어요.

    저는 Vulnicura를 아주 좋아해요. 일부 곡들은 듣기에 조금 어렵지만 시간을 들일 가치가 있어요. 추천해요!

    I haven’t stopped listening to this album since I bought it…

    Vulnicura is one of the most moving albums I have listened to in a long time.

    I have been a Bjork fan for over fifteen years and I think that she has a very unique voice.

    Released in January this year, her latest album describes the separation of Bjork and her boyfriend. The songs were made in chronological order. So for example, Stonemilker occurs 9 months before the breakup and Notget occurs 11 months after.

    Like my favourite Bjork album Homogenic, Vulnicura mainly uses strings and unusual electronic rhythms. The music really emphasises the lyrics, which are very emotional.

    In Lionsong the strings and vocal harmonies create an uneasy atmosphere; Black Lake is sad and depressing, but at the same time very beautiful. The music made after the separation slowly becomes more optimistic. You can even dance to some songs in the second half.

    I love Vulnicura. Some songs are difficult to listen to, but it is definitely worth your time. Recommended!



    멈추다 – to stop (doing)
    가지다 – to have, possess
    발매된다 – to release, put out
    묘사하다 – to describe
    강조하다 – to emphasise

    독특하다 – to be unique
    우울하다 – to be depressed
    불안하다 – to be uneasy

    최신 – latest, most recent
    동시에 – at the same time
    연대순으로 – chronologically
    현악기 – string instruments
    결별 – separation