Recipes: 요리법

I love cooking. Although that may just be a by-product of the fact that I love eating. I wouldn’t say I’m a brilliant cook, but it’s something I am happy to spend time doing.

A friend of mine recently gave me the idea of learning to cook in Korean and pointed me to the website. There are a wide range of recipes, from the humble breakfast sandwich to the most intricate and painstaking Korean main dishes.

Also, the recipes can be sorted and searched by cooking duration and difficulty. Thankfully it seems as though the language used in the recipes becomes more advanced with the complexity of the meal, so I can start with the simple dishes knowing I’ll be able to complete them.

I figured it would be a great way to learn some new verbs and adverbs that are useful to me, so I’m going to start a small mini-series chronicling my adventures in the kitchen. Maybe later I will post my own versions of some of the recipes, but for now I’ll just try not to burn the house down…

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