It seems like, I guess, I assume: (으)려나 보다

A/V + (으) 려나 보다 combines 려고 하다 (to intend to do) and 보다 (to see) to express an assumption. It is less assured than 것 같다, and more of a guess of what will happen in the future:

오늘 비가 오려나 봐요.
I guess it’s going to rain today.

그 남자를 만나려나 봐요.
I guess you have already met him.

오랫동안 한국에서 살려나 봐요.
It seems like you’ve lived in Korea for a long time.

걸어가기 대신에 버스를 타려나 봐요.
It seems like he’s going to take the bus instead of walking.

지금 이 공연을 시작하려나 봐요.
It looks like the performance is about to start.

곧 문을 닫으려나 봐요.
It seems like they are going to close soon.

이제 날씨가 더 더우려나 봐요.
I guess the weather is going to be hotter from now on.