Diary 24: 바레인에서 비가 와요! Rain in Bahrain!

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8월말에 바에인에 왔어요. 처음에는 매일 매일 날씨가 건조하고 너무 더워서 사막에 있는 것 같았어요. 보통 온도가 40도 이상 이였지만 다행히도 그때부터 온도가 내려갔어요.

올해 3월이 되고 난 후 이번 주에 처음으로 비가 왔어요!

중동 나라는 일년의 대부분 비가 오지 않으니까 사람들이 나쁜 날씨에 익숙하지 않어요. 또, 길들에 하수구가 많이 없어서 집중 호우가 자주 쏟아져요.

그래서 이슬비가 내리자마자, 인터넷으로 바레인의 정부가 날씨 경보를 바로 내리고 주민에게 아주 천천히 운전하고 아주 조심하라고 충고했어요.

물론, 영국인이기 때문에 비가 아주 익숙해서 일이 저를 웃게 만들어요!

제 생각에는, 바레인의 운전자가 미친 것 같아요. 대부분 사람이 운전하면서 휴대폰을 사용하느라고 교통 사고가 많이 나요. 사실, 바레인에 온 후에 교통 사고 4번을 직접 봤고 제 책임이 아닌 사고 2번을 당했어요.

그런데 비가 조금 왔을 때 사람들이 걱정되고 차를 거의 기어가듯이 운전했어요. 이렇께 운전하는 걸 더 안심해요!

I came to Bahrain at the end of August. At first the weather was dry and very hot every day – it was like being in a desert. Usually the temperature was more than 40 degrees but thankfully it has come down since then.

This week it rained for the first time since March!

Since it doesn’t rain in Middle Eastern countries for most of the year, people aren’t used to bad weather. Also, many of the roads don’t have drainage so there is often local flooding.

So as soon as it drizzles, the Bahraini government immediately issue a weather warning on the internet advising citizens to drive very slowly and be very careful.

Of course, being a Brit I am totally used to rain and this makes me laugh!

In my opinion, drivers in Bahrain are crazy. Most people use their phones while driving, which causes a lot of accidents. In fact, Since coming to Bahrain I have seen four accidents firsthand and been involved in two accidents where I was not to blame.

But as soon as a little rain falls, people get really worried and it’s as if their cars are crawling along. In a way, it makes driving safer!



사막 –  desert
하수구 – drainage, sewerage
집중 호우가 쏟아지다 – to have localised flooding
경보를 내리다 – to issue a warning

충고하다 – to advise
책임이 아니다 – to not be responsible (for)
당하다 – to experience, to encounter
기어가다 – to crawl along
듯이 – as if, as though

3 thoughts on “Diary 24: 바레인에서 비가 와요! Rain in Bahrain!

  1. Your Korean writing is so well written and wayyy better than mine lol. Do you write in your diary in the casual format without the 요 or do you just prefer to use this form ? 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading zergsprincess! I do love writing these diaries.

    The truth is I have never learned the casual form. Almost all of my Korean friends and colleagues are the same age or older, so I have never found use for casual language. There have been occasions where I’ve actually upset people by using it hahaha.

    It’s funny because when people use the casual form with me I subconsciously add the 요 to everything they say 🙂

    • Ahaha my 언니s, although we’ve all been studying Korean together for a while, still do they same to me. xD I find it easier to use the -요. It is more polite, and it gives me a sentence rhythm I can work out haha

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