Without exception: 치고

N + 치고 is used to show that a characteristic of N is true in all cases. It must be supported by a double negative structure:

영국사람치고 차를 싫어하는 사람은 없어요.
(lit: Among the British, people who hate tea don’t exist)
There isn’t a Brit who doesn’t love tea.

한국인치고 김치를 싫어하는 사람은 없어요.
There isn’t a Korean that doesn’t love kimchi.

게임을 좋아하는 사람치고 나쁜사람은 없어요!
(lit: There isn’t a bad person among those who love video games)
(All) people who love video games are great!

한국인치고 싸이를 모르는 사람은 없어요.
There isn’t a Korean who hasn’t heard of Psy.

K-팝 가수치고 성형 수술을 안 받은 가수 본 적이 있어요?!
(lit: Among K-pop singers, have you ever seen singers without surgery?!)
Have you ever seen a K-Pop singer who hasn’t had plastic surgery?!