Word Wars: 개봉 and friends

개봉 vs 출간 vs 출시 vs 발매 vs 발표 (!)

언제 마지막 X Men 영화가 개봉했어요?
When was the last X-Men movie released (in cinemas)?

새 아이폰 출시일이 언제예요? 마지막 폰을 출시했을 때 사고 싶은 사람들이 오랫도안 가게 밖에서 줄을 서섰어요.
What is the launch date of the new iPhone? When the last one was released, people who wanted to buy it stood outside the store for ages.

호날두의 CR7 축구화는 처음으로 2012년에 출시했어요.
Ronaldo’s CR7 football boot was first launched in 2012.

해리 포터소설책 7권을 출간했는데 영화 8개를 개봉했어요.
Seven Harry Potter books were published but eight films were released.

올해 여름에 iTunes으로 Goldie의 새 엘범이 발매될 거에요.
Goldie’s new album will be released on iTunes in the summer.

최근 면접에서 사람이 저에게 잡지에 연구 결과를 발표했냐고 했어요.
In a recent interview, someone asked me if the results of my research had been published in a journal.