Learning Korean With Subtitles (자막)

Now here’s an interesting idea. Today I stumbled across sublearning.com, which puts forward an interesting case for learning a language using subtitles away from the movie itself.

The site is created by and uses the huge bank captions available at opensubtitles.org to create translation flashcards from TV shows and movies.  Simply enter your first and target languages and it will randomly select a line from the script and present it as a flashcard for you to translate.

I landed episodes of Prison Break, Lost and, on the third time of asking, a stone-cold classic line from Terminator 2:

If I was Sarah Connor I’d be like (in rising pitch): “네에에에에에에에!”

Presently, the interface and functionality are quite limited – the creator apparently made it to practice coding rather than as a marketable flashcard app – but it did get me thinking about how to use TV/movies as a more effective resource for learning Korean.

I am watching Korean broadcasts more often these days to find new language, to practice listening, for pronunciation, and sometimes just for fun! Sublearning is interesting to me, because finding subtitles for target-language-country shows in the target language (Korean shows in Korean) and being able to go between target and first languages is not always easy. An app or website that developed the same idea further would be very welcome indeed!

If you have any comments for the creators of sublearning, send them a message through the website or on Reddit