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I try to read a short Korean newspaper article every morning from places like Korean Weekly UKHankyoreh and the video news channel YTN. It’s really helped expand my vocabulary and my ability to derive the meaning of words from context rather than immediately referring to a dictionary.

Another way I’ve used the articles is for pronunciation practice. Admittedly, newsreaders have a certain style when it comes to intonation but, in the case of YTN, having a YouTube video as a reference has been massively helpful.

Aside from the ever-present increase (증가하다/늘다) and decrease (감소하다/줄다), here are some sentence patterns that I’ve come across when dealing with figures and statistics:

1 in N people: N명 중 1명(이)

은행이 영업을 하지 않는 시간에 가입한 사람이 3명 중 1명을 넘었다.
More than 1 in 3 people joined [the bank] outside of bank business hours.

At a rate of X per Y: Y에/의 X 꼴로

난민들은 하루에 1,000명 꼴로 국경을 넘고 있었다.
Refugees were crossing the border at the rate of 1,000 a day.

per X units: X 당

한국 성인 1명당 연간 커피 소비량은 377잔에 달하다.
Among Korean adults, the quantity of coffee consumed per person amounts to  377 cups annually.

To take/occupy Nth place: N위 차지하다

한국 영화 두 편이 나란히 박스오피스 1·2위를 차지했다.
Two Korean movies (side-by-side) took 1st and 2nd place at the box office.

To be short of N: [actual]으로 N에서 [difference]이/가 모자라다

현재 인천시의 인구는 299만9884명으로 300만명에서 116명이 모자란다.
Presently, Incheon’s population is 2,999,884 – 116 people short of 3 million.

To correspond/be equivalent to, to be relevant: …에 해당하다

한국의 인구는 현재 약 5,000만 명을 넘어섰는데, 이는 세계 총 인구의 약 0.7%에 해당하다.
Korea’s current population now exceeds 50 million people, but it is equivalent to about 0.7% of the world’s population.

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