Diary 38: Let’s Dance! – 춤을 춥시다!

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  • 동 런던에, Archspace는 열도 아치 아래에 있는 연주 장소예요. 서 런던에 살았을 때 집에서 동 런던까지 너무 멀은 것 같아서 자주 안 갔어요.. 근데 기차를 내려가고 술집, 영화관, 클럽 등을 봤을때 Shoreditch 인기가 있는 곳의 이유를 알았어요.

    Archspace에서 D-Bridge는 2시간 이상 동안 Exit Records로 발매된 음악만 틀었어요. 어느 밤 100표 밖에 없었는데 운이 좋아서 표를 샀어요! 작은 장소였는데, 많은 사람이 없었기 때문에 춤을 출 공간이 충분히 있었어요.

    Consequence, Stray, Fracture 같은 D’n’B 뮤지션의 음악을 들었어요. 그리고, 들어본 적이 없는 좋은 음반들을 들었어요. 사실, 발이 정말 아플 정도로 음악에 맞추어 춤을 췄어요.

    다음날 아침에 비행기를 타야 되었어요. 근데 Archspace에 일찍 나가는 대신에 밤을 새우고 2시간 동안 잠을 자고는 새벽 쯤에 공항에 갔어요…

    Archspace is a performance venue in East London located under a railway arch. When I lived in West London, travelling from my house to East London seemed quite far so I didn’t go often. But when I got off the train at Shoreditch and saw all the bars, cinemas clubs and so on, I understood why the place is so popular.

    At Archspace, D-Bridge played only releases from [his own] Exit Records [label]. That night there only 100 tickets available so I was very lucky to buy one! It was a small venue but because there were less people which meant there was enough space to dance.

    I got to hear DnB by artists like Consequence, Stray and Fracture. And I listened to some great records that I’d never heard before. In fact, I danced to the music until my feet hurt.

    The next morning I had a plane to catch, But instead of leaving Archspace early, I stayed up all night, slept for a couple of hours and then went to the airport around dawn…