Good Grief!: 우체국

I had a rather costly episode yesterday at the 우체국 (Post Office) in which I ended up paying waaaaay too much to post a couple of birthday cards. Here’s what I really should have learned beforehand. Blast! >_<



보내다 – to send
특급우편 – first class
보통우편 – regular mail

등기우편 – registered mail
빠른우편 – express mail
항공우편 – airmail

보내는 주소 – address (from)
받는 주소 – address (to)
우편번호 – post/zip code
우체통 – mailbox
세관 양식 – customs form

편지 – letter
엽서 – postcard
소포 – parcel
우표 – postage stamp
봉투 – envelope


제일 빠른 우편으로 보내주세요.
Please send this by express mail/as quickly as possible.

이 편지를 미국에서 항공편으로 보내주세요.
Please send this letter by airmail to the USA.

세관 양식은 어디에 있어요?
Where can I get a customs form?

보통우편은 얼마나 걸려요?
How long does it take by regular mail?

받는 주소는 어디에 써야 하나요?
Where should I write the [recipient’s] address?