HanjaWatch: 面 (side, face, surface)

面 – side, face, surface

面 pronounced

내면 – interior
외면 – exterior

전면 – the front side
후면 – reverse/flip side
뒷면 – the back side (rear)
방면 – facing, toward, direction

면도칼 – razor (lit. face blade)
면도하다 – to have a shave

면하다 – to face, look out on (e.g. waterfront property)
면접하다 – to have an interview (lit. face contact)

4 thoughts on “HanjaWatch: 面 (side, face, surface)

  1. 면하다 is ‘avoid’, ‘get away’ and 면 in ‘면하다’ is 免. For example, 화를 면하다. avoid the bad luck, 처벌을 면하다 avoid punishment.

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