Wearing Clothes: 입다 (and friends)

I’m sorry but having six or seven words for ‘wear’ is just mean. Here’s what I used to try and memorise them:


입다 – to wear on your body (general)

셔츠 (shirt), 청바지 (jeans), 양복 (suit)…

차다 – to wear around a limb

시계 (watch)…

메다 – to wear over your shoulder

가방 (bag)…

끼다 – to wear on your hand

반지 (ring), 장갑 (gloves)…

쓰다 – to wear on your head

안경 (glasses), 모자 (hat), 선글라스 (sunglasses)…

신다 – to wear on your feet

신발 (shoes), 양말 (socks), 운동화 (trainers), 구두 (smart shoes), 등산화 (hiking shoes)…

매다 – to fasten or tie around your neck/body

스카프 (scarf), 넥타이 (tie)…


끼다, 꽉이 는 – to be tight
우아하다 – to be elegant
헐령하다 – to be loose

평상[시의] – to be casual
값 싸다 – to be cheap
값 비싸다 – be expensive