Let’s Eat! 먹읍시다!



갈다 – to grate
튀기다 – to fry
붓다 – to pour
바르다 – to stick on, spread
자르다 – to cut
찌다 – to steam
벗기다 – to peel, take off
굽다 – to roast
끓이다 – to boil (to heat up a liquid)
볶이다 – to be fried (lit. to make fry)
내놓다 – to serve
섞다 – to stir, mix
뿌리다 – to sprinkle (e.g. salt, sugar)
반복하다 – to repeat
뒤집다 – to reverse, turn over
삶다 – to boil (esp. in water)